Monday, February 23, 2015

A New Age of Honking:

Hello friends, if any of you have been in India before not for the serene beautiful places in Himalayas but the Metro cities like Mumbai or Delhi or in fact any part of a crowded city, then you must have experience the paramount level honking that is used by the Indians.

There are many people whom I have asked 'Why do you honk so much even when the streets are empty at night?" I got replies "Its just a habit to honk, nothing else."

I asked some others "Why do you honk when the Signals are still red? The other person in front of you will anyways be unmovable until it gets green?" I got replies like "Its just they should know that it is going to be green soon."

I m also not a saint to this. I also used to honk a lot till I visited Japan. It was a wonderful experience when you see the most crowded places filled with cars and still not a single honking heard. I started thinking, what can be the alternatives to it?

Some days back i read about the innovations that are happening in car and many people have started making Smart Cars and it also seems that Apple has thought about it as well. 

The idea that I have to honking is very simple. There will be no horn given in the car at the first place. Instead there will be a single signal that will be passed from your car to the car in front of you till a distance of 500 meters. The driver sitting in the other car will only get a notification that there is a car at the back who wants to overtake. Give him side. 

This also has application when you are listening to loud music in your car and you cannot hear the outside noise much. You just don't need to be alter for the honking but be alert on your dashboard. 

There is a flaw to this as well. In a country like India where there are many times where cows and buffaloes roaming on the street. Honking needs to be done to move them out of the way. 

Well for that I feel the system will be designed to give only 10 honks to the driver in a day. He/she has to decide where to use them.

I m not sure how much this crazy idea will solve the purpose but might help Indias to get over their obsession of honking. 

Friday, January 2, 2015


Hello friends, its long since I have posted anything. I have always been trying to find problems all this time when I was away.

Today the topic that I have thought of is farming. I have seen that there are many climatic changes that are happening around the world. There are phenomenons like Global Warming and so many other natural disasters which when strike, gives the human race a pause for a while. 

Farming is one of the most essential things that will be affected in the coming years. We all require food and there has to be some precautionary measures that I feel should be taken. 

I have thought of a huge building. Each floor is different, with different climate controls. There will be an optimum level of growth that will be studied with the best suitable climate.  There will be no dependency on the natural climate because of which farmers face so much famine.

Government can give space in such buildings to the farmers and each floor dedicated to a single vegetable and in that as well there can be stories with individual tracking system to monitor the growth.

There are many benefits apart from the same, we will not be dependent on the climate so the growth of the vegetables will be all year round and we will be able to sustain the needs of ever growing population. Also the complete building will be designed to be eco-friendly which will sustain its own growth via Solar or Hydro Energy. This will not consume any of the extra electricity that we need in the rural areas around the world. 

Sunday, November 23, 2014

What if Black is not Black at All?

Why is Black color Black?

We all must have studied long back or maybe recently that black is the color that absorbs all the light and so we are not able to see anything in that place and it starts to appear black.

In the above image you can see that how limited we are able to see and many of us must have studied this many times. In this VIBGYOR there is no Black color that is mentioned why is that have you ever wondered? I know there are many other colors that are formed by the combination of the VIBGYOR
I was studying the limitations of the colors that our human eyes are not able to see. There is something interesting that came up from Wikipedia:
“A chimerical color is an imaginary color that can be seen temporarily by looking steadily at a color for a while until some of the cone cells become fatigued, temporarily changing their color sensitivities, and then looking at a markedly different color. These colors include:
·         "Stygian blue": stare at bright yellow, causes a dark blue afterimage, then look at black: the blue is seen as blue, but seems to be as dark as the black. The eye retina contains some neurons that fire only in the dark.
·         "Self-luminous red": stare at green, causes a red afterimage, then look at white: the red seems to be brighter than the white.
·         "Hyperbolic orange": stare at bright cyan, causes an orange afterimage, then look at orange: the resulting apparent orange color may be purer than the purest orange color that can be made by any normally-seen light.”

Do you see how much we are fooled by our eyes itself even in the most basic colors that we see every day? But in this plot, I’m particularly interested in the color black, as this has been the color that has scared us in the nights, this has been the color that is used for spooky nights in the movies, this has been considered as the color of evil and this is the color if the universe and black holes.

I believe that it is just our eyes who are tricking us to fall for something like this. There might be some color in place of this and we are not able to contemplate with the same.
Image if we were able to see at much higher frequencies, we would have been able to see the microwaves, infra-red, or any other they we would have been able to see the communication waves that we are surrounded by each day. The waves of your Wifi at home, the waves emitted by the ovens, the mobile-satellite connection waves and so much more like we have seen in movies these days but thinking one step ahead, there are so many unresolved queries that we have for the universe, if our eyes are able to see beyond certain colors and wavelengths image the we would be able to uncover the dark blanket under which the secrets of the universe might have been hidden.

My inclination towards Black is because of the Color of the Universe. I don’t see any research that is conducted on the color Black. There has been some theory that was evolved years back about black color is generated when all the colors are absorbed at that place and it has still been used but can there be a flip side to the same coin?

Friday, November 7, 2014

Wireless Electricity

Hello friends, you all must be know that sometimes the best or the craziest ideas comes when you are in bathrooms. When I was sitting, don't worry will not go in detail ;) there were wires that were going in the bulb. 

I thought if there is a shot circuit, these complete wires had to be replaced and there will be a complete renovation that will require. What is the other option? 

First Internet used to come through cables, and it still does. It just stops at our Wireless Router and then the whole house gets access to the Wifi without any hindrance. What if the same concept can be used to transmit Electricity? 

Imagine that you are sitting reading a book and the study table light is the perfect light that you can read in, but its night and you don't want to sit there but just relax on the bed and read. You can take the light of the study table and put it in the place where you want. Adjust the light according to your reading by placing it anywhere on the wall. There are no wires or cables that are attached to the same. 

Now taking it a step further. As we all know there has to be a Router kind of a thing where all these electricity has to be generated. Some or all may think that this Electricity as it is Wireless can be used by the neighbors and we will just have to pay for their use. But this router will be connected to your lights and bulbs like we connect our mobile phones. There will be special readers on the Tube lights that will be configured according to the main Router. This main Router thing will also show the devices that are using the Electricity currently as this will also help us understand if we have stealing neighbors ;)

Again, don't worry you will be able to get the complete access from your Smart Phone. The Millennial panic if there are something these days that cannot be connected with their phone. 

This is a Updated Post as after posting above I just searched and I got this Video and this is insane: 

Do buzz me up guys on the other blogs as well as this if you find it interesting.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Passwords!! A Headache to Remember...

With everyday innovations in the field of Online Arena, there are new Web Sites that are entering everyday in the graveyard of Social Networking Junkyard. There are only a few minor features that these websites have that differ from the traditional Portals. 

Apps, Websites, and a junk load of other things gives you a very easy access to your accounts and files and what not but what about password? On top of that we are in the age of Smart Phones where once logged in we don't need to remember the passwords and this makes us write down the password of our accounts in a physical place or in a digital world using some app or maybe a virtual notepad thus increasing the vulnerability of getting your account hacked. 

Since the day I have started writing this Blog I have understood that there are so many innovation that we overlook just because we think they are not worth giving a look which actually makes a base for the technology. 

People get stuck on the technology that someone must have thought years back and they tend to overlook them. I know you must be thinking that Apple and Samsung are giving the Finger Print Scanners for your phones but can you access the same through your computers? They say Connectivity across all the areas but can all the Websites be working on the Finger Print Scanner replacing the need to remember the password when you log in from your iMac or Windows Computer? 

Can you think of some other ways that we can get things in an easy way without reducing the obvious risk of getting hacked. 

Can there be a newer, simpler way to get a log in? 

I have thought of a way where there will be a single unique identification code that will be universal to all the people in the world. This code can be used across all the borders of the internet. This will not be controlled by individuals like Facebook or Google but one step ahead. This is just a hint guys. Well you think on the same and if you come up with something good then buzz me up. 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Pockets, a change required ;)

You know guys, pockets were invented in 17th Century to keep some precious things and they were not used much by Men as much as Women who used to keep it in their Petticoats. Those were the loose hanging pockets and many of you must have seen it in Assassin's Creed if you are a gamer. 

All those years of evolution and not much has changed. There are some varieties of Pockets that we all must already seen like after the introduction of Zippers, there were pockets that came with Zippers for not letting the things fall of.  You can see some more Types of Pockets by clicking here

But you know those were the times when people used to carry only coins or maybe some food or some other things but now people have started carrying their Tablets and Phones and Wallets and Power Banks and Cables and not to forget Headphones. 

So don't you think there should be a better way that people can carry so many things? The sizes of gadgets are also amazingly huge these days.

So I have got a crazy idea of Portable Pockets. Remove them from one pant and put it in other. Make a jeans a cargo at any time. Or make your formal pants as well to a better suited Portable Pockets. 

I m still working on the idea but it just clicked and I thought of sharing it with you. 

If you have some inputs do buzz me back or you can mail me.  

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Technology... An Evolution!

Hello friends, all the people who must be reading this must be very well versed with the evolution in the technology that is taking place since the dawn of Internet and the Gadgets and later Apps. But there was a specific incident that shook me today a bit. 

I was talking to my younger brother who is a Generation Z while I m a Gen Y. To explain you in short. There has been 4 parts where in this is divided: 

1) Baby Boomers: Born between (1946-1964)
Like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Sylvester Stallone etc.

2) Gen X: Born between (1960's - 1980's)
Like Charlie Sheen, Ben Stiller, Adam Sandler etc

3) Gen Y: Born between (1980's - 2000)
Like Usain Bolt, Adele, Me ;) etc.

4) Gen Z or Millennial: 2000 and later

So here was my brother a Gen Z while I being a Gen Y, born with the Cassettes and Tape Recorders and here was my brother with iPads and iPhones. I love some classic stuff and so my iPhone cover was of a Cassette. When my brother saw it, he was laughing and told me what is this stupidity. First I got a little angry then I understood he has never seen this before in his life. 

Similarly some of the things I might have never seen like a mainframe computer or the first apple computer or the first flight of Wright Brothers or the making of first light bulb. 

But we know about that stuff because those were the ground breaking innovations that have taken place through years of research. Today technology is so much perishable that something that is released groundbreaking gets off the table with something new within no time. Where does Moore's Law stand?

Lets have a look at the following CPU Performance of iPhones:

I have also searched the release date of the phones and they are as below:
iPhone  Release Date
4 June 24 - 2010
4s October 4 - 2011
5 September 12 - 2012
5s September 20 - 2013
6 September 19 - 2014

Within 4 years the technology has grown 50 times i.e. 12.5 times growth each year which is almost ten times more growth than predicted by Moore in 1965. I m not here to question Moore's law but to understand where exactly are we heading. 

At this rate technology will come in the market and before any growth will be vanished out. How exactly are the Millennial going to earn anything out without continuous innovation! Will this thirst of new things will never end or after getting tired of this mankind will go back to the origin where it started in search of peace...